I’ve Discovered Reflexive Verbs – My Head Hurts!

My head hurts! Do you want to know why? Well if you are still reading this then I assume the answer is yes. [Thank you by the way for your patronage of my little ole’ site]. Today I have been trying to understand Spanish Reflexive Verbs and Reflexive Pronouns. Here’s what google tells me they…

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What It Is Like Reviewing Anki Flash Cards When Learning Spanish

REviewing Anki flash cards for Learning Spanish

My daily routine at the moment pretty much evolves around Anki and the flash cards I am creating. Broadly speaking my daily effort follows these three main activities: Reviewing words learnt previously Learning new words Preparing at least 20 new words for tomorrow’s learning Activities 1 and 2 are generally done together.  This is because…

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More Memory Experiences – Learning Vocabulary Examples

This morning I was doing my daily flash card review and up came the image for “week”. I had learnt this yesterday and knew that it contained a double image of someone I knew years ago called Anna. Now I had used Anna’s image before when I saw her run through a busy campsite and…

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Some More Tips On Memorising Vocabulary

Memorising Spanish Vocabulary

I have written about this a couple of times now but I am going to mention it again. I just love using the mnemonic strategy to help remember vocabulary. It wasn’t always this way. When I did the world memory championships it was something I used for a couple of the events.   Back then…

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How I Quickly And Easily Memorise Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards

I love using Anki to create the flash cards and then use them to easily memorise Spanish Vocabulary. They are really helping me learn loads of words extremely quickly. It is very powerful to experience recalling the meaning of a word.  Equally, it is just as powerful seeing a picture on a flashcard, and then…

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Using My New Flash Cards To Learn New Words

Most of yesterday was spent creating new cards for learning the first 50 or so of the 625 most common words. Today was about using them to learn what I had captured. I sat down at 8:45pm and started working through the decks. As well as my new vocabulary cards I also included the Spanish…

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More Thoughts On Generating (And Remembering) Flash Cards

When generating flash cards for learning Spanish Vocabulary, the thing that takes the longest time is the choice of the picture. For example, how do you pick a picture that represents winter? Of course you will have your own concept of what winter looks like and that might be a tree covered with snow. But what is…

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Learning Spanish Vocabulary – Creating My First Flash Cards

Today I worked on creating my first flash cards using Anki. I am definitely bought into the benefits of Anki, having used the app for the last few weeks to help with my pronunciation. There is huge value as well as the enjoyment I am getting. I feel like I am making progress and I…

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Learning Spanish Vocabulary – The Next Stage Of My Journey

Spanish Vocabulary

I have spent the last week or so working my way through Gabe Wyner’s Spanish pronunciation trainer. It has really helped be get my tongue around the words and my ear around the sounds. Already I am starting to hear things differently. And when I try to pronounce a word, it sounds more Spanish than…

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