My Second Practice Conversation And Why I Need To Start Writing In Spanish

Yesterday I had my second chat with my Aussie based Chilean friend. I must admit I was dreading it. That’s because I haven’t really done much Spanish learning in the last couple of weeks. I have been on the road delivering training courses at the other end of the country. Then I spent a weekend…

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Now My Brain Hurts Because I Have Just Had A 30 Minute Conversation In Spanish!

Phew….! That was more taxing than I expected. I have just finished an hour long conversation with my new Chilean friend. I explained how we met and arranged the call in my post yesterday. 30 Minutes was first spent in English for his development. 30 Minutes was then spent talking in Spanish for my development.…

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I’ve Got My First Spanish Practice Conversation Tomorrow!

Well as I mentioned in yesterday’s post “Lot’s Of Things Seem To Be Happening“, I have found someone to practice Spanish with. The website My Language Exchange has come up Trumps, (that doesn’t mean it wants to ban anyone from Spanish speaking countries or build a wall round them!) I was contacted by a Charming…

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My Third Spanish Lesson With An Online Tutor – Our Conversation In Spanish

Online Spanish Tutor

Today is Sunday. But that didn’t stop me from having another lesson with my online Spanish tutor from iTalki. I don’t share that with you to show off about how dedicated I am to learning Spanish. No.  I am telling you that you can find ways of learning Spanish that can adapt to your own…

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My Second Lesson With My Tutor – Using Despacito To Learn Spanish

A day or so ago, I had my second lesson with my online tutor from italki. I was really looking forward to it for two reasons. Firstly because of the the success of the first one. And secondly because of the advances I felt I made in such a short space of time. It is…

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How Do You Start A Conversation With A Spanish Speaker?

I needed to go into town for an Optician’s appointment and get my haircut. So I thought I would stroll down, drop my shoes off for repair on the way and go sit in a coffee shop and do some learning. I ordered my hot chocolate (made with soya milk of course) and found a…

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My Very First Lesson With An Online Spanish Tutor

My First Lesson With An Online Spanish Tutor

My first Spanish lesson with an online tutor. Wow! What an unbelievably valuable experience that was. As you might have read in my recent posts here, a couple of days ago I booked my first session with an online Spanish tutor using the italki website.   Yesterday I posted how I was feeling about it…

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I’ve Found Someone To Teach Me Spanish – Here’s How

Learn to Speak Spanish

Well I have been putting this off longer than has really been comfortable. I suppose the clue is in the phrase “learn to speak Spanish”. It doesn’t say “learn to memorise a ton of Spanish vocabulary”. And it certainly doesn’t say “learn to read lots of Spanish new sites”. No, it definitely says “learn to…

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