I’ve Got My First Spanish Practice Conversation Tomorrow!

Well as I mentioned in yesterday’s post “Lot’s Of Things Seem To Be Happening“, I have found someone to practice Spanish with.

The website My Language Exchange has come up Trumps, (that doesn’t mean it wants to ban anyone from Spanish speaking countries or build a wall round them!)

I was contacted by a Charming Chilean Chappie (CCC) currently residing down under.

Well this morning we had a brief IM chat on Skype and have set up an appointment to speak for an hour tomorrow.

Here’s all it took to set this up:

We will do 30 minutes of English and then spend some time on Spanish. I am not quite sure whether I can fill 30 minutes with Spanish.

I could just recite all the words I have learnt from Gabe Wyner’s 625 word list.

30 minutes, roughly 600 words – that’s 20 words a minute; one every three seconds.

That would kill the time.

I’ll have to practice phrases like (all in Spanish of course):

– Can you say that again please?
– Please can you speak more slowly?
– How do you spell that?
– What is the word for….?
– If we find a cat up in a tree, what is the best course of action to prevent any serious feline misdemeanours?


Think I have to work on my preparation for this.

As with getting and online tutor, I am both excited and apprehensive.

I think my biggest fear is stalling and reverting to repeated questioning of ¿Que tal? or other such nonsense.

But I have to keep reminding myself that this is part of the process.

My Spanish is bound to develop by doing this AND I will learn about how to use these opportunities more effectively.

It’s just like learning to dance salsa. I have to try and experiment and dance (speak) with different people.

If this doesn’t work out with this guy, I shall have to go and find someone else.

With over 400 million native Spanish speakers across 21 countries, I am sure I will be able to find others who want to learn some English in exchange for suffering my Spanish.

I am looking forward to it…

I shall let you know how it goes.

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