Increasing The Number Of Cards Anki Shows You

One thing that has been bothering me recently is the amount of new words I am learning every day.

I had set the setting in Anki to 20 but I only seemed to be getting about 5 or 6 each day that were new words.

I couldn’t work it out.

In fact I was convinced I would run out of words because I had only loaded the hopper up enough for a couple of days.

And by my reckoning I had gone past that if I was truly getting 20 words a day.

But then it hit me.

The setting tells me how many cards I am going to get, not how many words I am going to get.

And then I realised and had a huge Ahhh! Moment.

Anki was providing me with 20 new cards a day.

However, when the picture image cards are created, three cards are made for each word – one with the word, one with the picture and one with the spelling.

So if Anki presents only 20 cards, that will cover just 5-6 new words a day.

No wonder I felt that was slow!!!!!

So If I am to get 20 new words a day then I need 3×20 = 60 new cards a day.

That’s more like it.

Likewise if I want to learn 30 new words a day then I need to add 90 cards a day.

So from tomorrow, that is what I am going to do – add 90 cards a day.

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