It’s Just Pronunciation Training At The Moment

Spanish Pronunciation Training

Well it isn’t a bad thing, but today my main activity has been the pronunciation training.


And it is all about using the Anki App.  This app presents new cards as well as reviewing previous cards.

Though I only did 5 minutes – it seemed longer though.

A part of me wanted to do longer, but the cards presented to me only took 5 minutes to do. [There must be a way of changing this!]

I was a bit skeptical of the Anki approach at first because it seemed so detailed.   However I am really enjoying the process of going through the training.

Even in this short time (I am on day 2) – it is having an effect.

I am becoming much more aware of my mouth and the air flow through it. That means I am also more conscious of the position of my tongue.

Also, I suddenly became conscious that correct pronunciation of the Spanish words used more of my diaphragm in English.  This training has also made me far more attuned to subtle differences in expression, length of sound and how the sound is made.

It is a huge realisation for me about how important this is.

What Else Have I Been Doing?

So as it is Sunday what have else have I been doing today with other learning?

Well as usual I listened to Spanish radio first thing as I prepared and ate breakfast.

But I didn’t do the detailed listen of Spanish radio, nor did I watch the Spanish TV drama I had found.

Those tasks seem to be hanging in the air with no real direction.  At the beginning it appeared to be a great idea.  And I think it was.  I just haven’t been able to fit it in yet.

I think I need to get more focused on what I have to do even though I am extremely motivated to get this going.   But even with that drive, it is starting to become something that easily gets set aside for something more obvious and present.

Another thing I did today was listen to a Pimsleur Spanish lesson that I have somehow obtained over the years.

But I feel like I should be doing more.

I am not driven by guilt or anything like that.  It’s more about really wanting to get on with this now.

Already I have experienced rapid “learning” in just applying the things I have discovered in Gabes book.

And I want more.

I feel as though the door to fluency has been unlocked for me even at this early stage. All I have to do is open it and step through.

One thing that is exciting me is being able to learn it without translation. I think that is going to be a fundamental shift in my language abilities.

This is because I know in the past I have had that step firmly installed and it has slowed me down.

Very excited.

I’ve Been Thinking!

I have started to reflect on what the formal programmes like the Michel Thomas tapes actually do.

Michel says there is no memorisation required.

But that is not strictly true as the subjects in his class have to remember things to be able to answer his questions.

If they did the same lesson a few weeks later without review I am sure they would struggle.

A bit of a random thought, but I thought I’d share it anyway.


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