Some Random Thoughts About Review, Accents And Problem Anticipation

Reviewing Your Spanish Flashcards

It is an absolutely beautiful morning this morning here as I write this. So after breakfast I decided I would take a stroll around where I live.  The photograph above was taken at the end of my walk because I wanted to capture the beauty of the morning. It was extremely warm.  There was only a…

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Getting Started With Grammar – Yippee! (No I Mean It!)

It has been just over 2 months since I started my Learning Spanish Journey. There has been a lot of activity during that time and I think I have made some progress.  Although as I reflect back, I am sure I could have been much further on than I am now. I am not sure…

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When You Learn Spanish You Have To Become Curious And Be Willing To Explore

Curiosity Helps You Learn Spanish

I am sure I have mentioned this before in previous posts, but the importance of these few words in your efforts to learn Spanish, can’t be emphasised enough: Curiosity Exploration Discovery Let me give you an example. Over breakfast this morning I was browsing the Radio Nacional de España website and I came across this…

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How to Type Spanish Letters and Accents on a MAC (á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ, ¿, ¡)

It has got to that stage in my Spanish Language education where I have started to ask the question: How do I type Spanish letters and accents? Because I have a English keyboard on my Mac and on my iPad (the detachable one that is) I don’t have a key with an accent on it. [Now…

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What It Is Like Reviewing Anki Flash Cards When Learning Spanish

REviewing Anki flash cards for Learning Spanish

My daily routine at the moment pretty much evolves around Anki and the flash cards I am creating. Broadly speaking my daily effort follows these three main activities: Reviewing words learnt previously Learning new words Preparing at least 20 new words for tomorrow’s learning Activities 1 and 2 are generally done together.  This is because…

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More Memory Experiences – Learning Vocabulary Examples

This morning I was doing my daily flash card review and up came the image for “week”. I had learnt this yesterday and knew that it contained a double image of someone I knew years ago called Anna. Now I had used Anna’s image before when I saw her run through a busy campsite and…

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Listening To Spanish Radio – Why I Don’t Have To Understand Everything I Hear….YET

Listening To Spanish Radio

I think it is really important to make sure your expectations are set correctly. I listen to Spanish Radio every day and even after a few weeks of doing so, it still sounds like one long stream of fast Hispanic consciousness with hardly a pause for breath. Occasionally a word or phrase will jump out…

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More Excitement About Learning Spanish – I Could Witness A Crime Scene & Give A Statement in Spanish!!!!!

I was pondering this morning after my session of reviewing my Anki Cards.  On a daily basis, I take about 45 minutes or so to review the old cards and then about 30 minutes or so to learn the new words. As ever it was very exciting seeing the process work for me in areas…

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Random Thoughts And Pondering On The Process Of Learning Spanish

Random Thoughts on Learning Spanish

So this morning I did an hour and 10 minutes of my daily review. That is how long it took me to go through all of the vocabulary and the pronunciation training too. I’m convinced that I could be getting through the cards quicker though. I am going to have to look at the setting…

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Some More Tips On Memorising Vocabulary

Memorising Spanish Vocabulary

I have written about this a couple of times now but I am going to mention it again. I just love using the mnemonic strategy to help remember vocabulary. It wasn’t always this way. When I did the world memory championships it was something I used for a couple of the events.   Back then…

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