I Want To Learn Spanish…Again!

I want to learn Spanish

“I want to learn Spanish” again. That’s what I told myself looking in the mirror one morning the other day. A few years ago I failed miserably at trying to learn how to speak Spanish.  I dabbled at it… metaphorically poked a stick at it.  So it was no surprise I failed miserably. Yes again. I…

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The One Semester of Spanish – Love Song

Over the last few months I have had numerous recommendations to check out the One Semester of Spanish Love Song.  “Hilarious”….” You’ve Gotta See This”…. “its sooooo funny” Well I finally got round to checking it out…and I am glad I did. Watch this clip courtesy of YouTube and see what all fuss is about.…

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“Spanish Names English Equivalent – What is Your Name in Spanish?”

Have you ever met someone from another country who speaks really good English and you find that they have a very “English” name like Sarah or David?  And when you think about their country of origin their name does not appear to be typical of that country’s language? Ever wondered why that was? Well there…

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What To Do If Learning Spanish Has Ever Been Your New Year’s Resolution

You will FAIL in your New Year’s Resolution to Learn Spanish if you don’t follow these 3 simple steps.

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